Kid Fun at Home?

Well, if you can, enjoy the fresh air, read stories together, play games, make art,  bake, invent, make music, etc. (Yes, these are past photos. We haven’t done all this just yet, but I’m motivating myself, too!)

However, as many of you know, there are some amazing online resources out there for, yes, engaging and distracting kids on their own as well as for finding things to do together. I can’t begin to find or list them all, but I want to share a few before I get back to work.

Here you go:

Also, I believe Discovery Ed and a number of other education sites are offering free access for now. Here’s a list of Digital Word Games for kids from Scholastic.

Need physical activity?

Got Star Wars? Marvel?

Aaand many children’s authors maintain cool websites. Look them up! Some might be mostly biographical, but others have fun read-alouds, games, activities and other things.

Check out:

Puffin Books has a You Tube channel dedicated to authors reading aloud their picture books, and they post fun activities there, too. You can also look up story read-alouds on You Tube, like Once Upon a Story and Brightly Storytime.

Kid-Lit TV has great read-out-loud videos and other activities!

They Might Be Giants for kids?

Finally, check your library websites. They have SO MUCH. I promise there is stuff on your local library website that you didn’t know was there!

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