Happy Halloweensie (Again)!

Well, I decided to do another one! Please be sure to visit Susanna Leonard Hill’s website to read more Halloweensie stories. They’re super-spooky-silly-fun!

The Jack-o’-Cavernb713bb9c16acf569ad416e011204ddc4

Festus Flamel wants the biggest, roundest, screamiest pumpkin ever.

“My Monster-Gro potion should do the trick!”

A sprinkle a day, and his pumpkin grows … and grows … and grows. His pumpkin grows sooo monstrous that it squashes his house.


Festus tunnels through the gourd-gantuan beast.

“I can work with this.”

Festus digs out the stringy guts. He carves a gap-toothed maw beneath two moon-slit eyes. He stitches cobwebs across its bulbous ribs and lights a fire.

Then, he bakes.

When masked marauders come haunting, the Jack-o’cavern yawns.

For a scream, Festus serves the perfect Halloween treat—whole-brain pumpkin-bread.

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