Happy Halloweensie!

Wow! It’s been a year since I posted. Told you it’s not a blog! That said, I couldn’t resist the seasonal challenge from Susanna Leonard Hill this year. That’s right! It’s Halloweensie time! Be sure to check out the contest rules and join in the fun if your fingers are feeling spooky or silly or just otherwise inspired.

Here we go …

The Bone House

On Halloween night, when Mira goes looking for mischief, Moon slices a fresh trail into the woods.

“Sweet trick!”

Leaves flutter forward. Mira follows to a bent bone house, whose hollows glow warm and bright, and knocks.

Bones clickety-clack-open.

She steps inside.

Bones snickety-snatch-grab!


A fire pops, a cauldron bubbles, but the bare frame rattles.


Bones crickety-crack-sigh.

“I can fix that.”

Bones slickety-slack-let-go!

Mira gathers cobwebs to stir with memories and dreams. She paints the silky potion from joint to joint until every bone stretches and gleams.

The bone house stands.

“Wicked treat!”

It’s time to go haunting.

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