I keep meaning to start a blog, but I know I can’t keep up with it just yet.

But I might post a musing now and again. Let’s start with this.

Why does kid lit matter? It promotes language development and offers other educational boons, but perhaps more importantly, most of what you learn to value begins in childhood. It’s why so many of us, even as adults, don’t feel so very different, in our cores, than we felt when we were young. Wiser, more cynical, more complacent maybe, sure, but there is always that core, and kid lit can help shape that, not only through the moralistic (be kind, be thankful) and practical (don’t talk to the hungry wolf) lessons imbued in most stories but also through the inestimable encouragement to dream, to hope, to wonder, to question, and to connect. Through kid lit, we explore worlds, inner and outer. We also learn about ourselves as well as about “other.” Stories, and their many characters, can help readers develop empathy, understanding, tolerance and compassion as well as judgment and reason, qualities and skills so badly needed.

My thought for the day.

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